Audrey Strauss, United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, announced that STEFAN HE QIN, the founder of the Virgil Sigma Fund LP (“Virgil Sigma”) and the VQR Multistrategy Fund LP (“VQR”), a pair of cryptocurrency hedge funds in New York which claimed to have over $100 mi…”    Read More on JUSTICE

 Crypto’s networked collaboration will drive Web 3.0

Web 1.0 was the static web, and Web 2.0 is the social web, but Web 3.0 will be the decentralized web. It will move us from a world in which communities contribute but don’t own or profit, to one where they can through collaboration.

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 Tiger’s bullish robotic investments

On Tuesday, Tiger Global led not one but two big funding rounds, announcing its role in a $26 million Series A for Ambi and an additional $50 million for Locus Robotics.

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 Streamers are beating traditional sports broadcasters at their own game

In early August, after months of speculation, Argentine football star Lionel Messi did the unthinkable: He ended a nearly two-decade-stint with FC Barcelona, announcing that he would be joining Paris Saint-Germain.


 Microsoft remote work study: Average length of workweek has increased 10% during pandemic

A Microsoft study examining technology usage by its employees has revealed a decrease in cross-company communication, and sparked a lively discussion about the long-term impact of remote work on collaboration, productivity, and innovation.

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 Major NFT Marketplace OpenSea Admits Employee Did Insider Trading

OpenSea, a major digital marketplace for NFTs, admitted on Wednesday that an employee used insider knowledge to buy highly-valued collectibles before they were prominently displayed on the market's homepage. Angered traders on social media have compared the incident to insider trading. 

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 Officer Claims Sheriff's Office Told Him To Play Copyrighted Music To Shut Down Citizens' Recordings

The new hotness for law enforcement is trying to end the careers of police accountability activists.

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 Norm Macdonald Dies

Norm Macdonald, whose laconic delivery of sharp and incisive observations made him one of Saturday Night Live‘s most influential and beloved cast members, died today after a nine-year private battle with cancer. He was 61.

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 SEC Charges App Annie and its Founder with Securities Fraud

The Securities and Exchange Commission today announced that App Annie Inc.

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 Inspiration4: Why SpaceX’s first all-private mission is a big deal

Is it finally time to be cautiously optimistic about the future of crewed space travel? When 2001: A Space Odyssey was released in 1968, it didn’t feel like a stretch to dream of lounging in a space hotel, sipping a martini while watching Earth drift by.


 Amazon One’s palm-scanning tech makes first move into entertainment venues

Amazon’s palm-scanning technology, Amazon One, has always been about more than just fast payments. Really, it’s about Amazon controlling and verifying identities, with the company hoping to deploy its service in public spaces like offices and stadiums.

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 Minimum Viable Participation in Crypto: Games, Costs, & Accessibility

When people talk about the recent past and envision the distant future of crypto, conversation always comes back to the cycle of wealth creation and redistribution.

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 Social media influencer/model created from artificial intelligence lands 100 sponsorships

With the advancement of technology, AI influencers and virtual human models are becoming the new trend. It has recently emerged as a blue-chip in the advertising industry because there are no privacy scandals and there are no time-space restrictions with these virtual humans.

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 S.Korean antitrust agency fines Google $177 mln for abusing market dominance

SEOUL, Sept 14 (Reuters) - South Korea's antitrust regulator on Tuesday fined Alphabet Inc's (GOOGL.O) Google 207 billion won ($176.64 million), saying the U.S. technology giant abused its dominant market position to restrict competition in the mobile operating system (OS) market.

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 MIT: Measuring Media Bias in Major News Outlets With Machine Learning

A study from MIT has used machine learning techniques to identify biased phrasing across around 100 of the largest and most influential news outlets in the US and beyond, including 83 of the most influential print news publications.

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 Reading Race: AI Recognises Patient's Racial Identity In Medical Images

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