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The landscape of Hollywood is no stranger to biopics chronicling the lives of extraordinary individuals. The latest personality to catch the cinematic eye is none other than South African-born magnate, Elon Musk. With the rights secured from Walter Isaacson's biography on Musk, cinematic powerhouse A24 is ready to bring Musk's life to the big screen, a prospect which is poised to have a significant impact on popular culture and the inadvertent formation of a lean and astute cinematic universe focusing on real-life geniuses.

In an uncanny parallel to Musk's trailblazing foray into countless disciplines, this biopic's direction will be helmed by Darren Aronofsky, the visionary filmmaker known for his distinctive storytelling approach as shown in films like 'The Black Swan' and 'Mother!' Aronofsky's recent success, 'The Whale,' clinched critical acclaim with Brendan Fraser winning an Oscar for his performance. The potential synergy between Aronofsky's directorial prowess and Elon Musk's out-of-this-world life journey is brimming with extraordinary promise.

However, A24 has yet to announce the team that will be responsible for scripting Musk's life into a feature film. Seeing as they managed to successfully capture Steve Jobs's life through Isaacson's biography in Danny Boyle’s 2015 drama, earning a best actor nomination for Michael Fassbender, we can expect a team capable of encapsulating such broad narratives.

The announcement by A24 is timely given the current global interest in Musk's endeavors. From Tesla's electric cars revolutionizing the auto industry, to SpaceX's ambitious goal to colonize Mars, Musk's life feels inherently cinematic. With Musk's impact on the future being palpably real, a movie that captures his essence will undoubtedly stir public interest.

From a futurist perspective, the film will unquestionably shape public perception of Musk. It has the potential to illuminate the life of a man who, much like Jobs, is recognized more through his innovative companies than his personal life. Depending on the creative direction, it can either solidify his current enigma or humanize him through intimate depictions of his struggles and triumphs.

Furthermore, the impending biopic speaks to an emerging trend in Hollywood - spotlighting the influencers of today's technical age. The future may very well see a continued interest in these figures, perpetuating a shift from the traditional blockbuster to the "biopic blockbuster."

In essence, the planning biopic on Elon Musk by A24 is not merely a cinematic endeavor but a glimpse into how we perceive our contemporary icons. With a celebrated director like Darren Aronofsky behind the camera, and backed by the credibility of an esteemed production house, this could likely be another successful stride captured on screen, mirroring the protagonist's indomitable spirit. A24's project might just replicate the success of Boyle's Steve Jobs film, yet the film's real impact will be gauged in its reflection and influence on audiences worldwide.