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In a rather strange twist of events, Google’s AI Overview product has been churning out a series of puzzling responses - from instructing users to put glue on pizza, to advocating the consumption of rocks. This peculiar circumstance has led Google to manually disable AI Overviews for specific searches, notably ones resulting in these bizarre outputs that quickly transformed into viral memes on social media.

After testing AI Overviews for a year and staunchly asserting its unwavering commitment to the product, Google has found itself confronting issues related to the product's quality. Despite these irregularities, the tech giant maintains that AI Overview is mainly reliable, attributing most strange answers to abnormal search queries or alleging possible doctoring.

AI expert Gary Marcus criticises the promises often made by AI companies, including Google - advertising near perfection in their AI models. He cautions that the last 20% towards achieving 100% accuracy is often the trickiest. Furthermore, he argues that our current large language models, even those as advanced as Google's, will not attain Artificial General Intelligence (AGI).

Google's bizarre AI snafu occurs at a critical juncture when it's face to face with intense rivalry from Bing, OpenAI, emerging AI startups, and popular platforms like TikTok. This demanding environment is driving Google to unveil new AI initiatives, despite hiccups.

The company has plans to amplify the capabilities of AI Overviews - features like complex query management through multistep reasoning, a video search on Google Lens, and an AI-organised results page are on the horizon. However, these ambitious AI undertakings would mean little if Google fails to grasp the basics, an area where it seems to be faltering.

Marcus points out that current AI models struggle with 'sanity checks', demonstrating their inability to discern the nonsensical from the reasonable. It's not hard to draw the correlation between these limitations and the glue-on-pizza type outputs seen from AI Overview.

While the future promises an exciting frontier for AI implementation, Google's peculiar encounters with AI Overview underscore the necessity for improved regulation, system checks and balances, and the continued pursuit for model refinement. Indeed, this bizarre scenario emanating from Google's AI might set a precedent for future discussions on AI deployments, their practical and ethical boundaries, and the continual quest for balancing innovation with reliability. If anything, the Google AI pizza saga stands out as a stark reminder that even in the AI-driven future course of tech evolution, sanity is a key check that the AI industry cannot afford to miss.