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The advent of the Metl bicycle tire promises to change the future of cycling entirely. This revolutionary product, developed by The Smart Tire Company, is the first consumer product to utilize Nitinol, a shape-memory alloy that has its roots in the technological powerhouse, NASA. What's remarkable about this metal, you ask? Nitinol is resistant to wear and tear and can bounce back to its original shape even after stress or deformation – making it an ideal material for a bicycle tire. This could mean a significant departure from the era of punctures and flat tires that every cycle owner dreads.

The Smart Tire Company, already setting strides, alleges that compared with your run-of-the-mill bicycle tires, Metl tires are built to last a lifetime. It's safe to say these aren’t your granddad's bicycle tires. They come with the possibility of transforming not only the cycling experience for the average end-user but could potentially redefine the cycling industry at large, with promises of remarkable longevity and zero susceptibility to going flat.

However, groundbreaking innovation doesn't come without its fair share of risks and expenses. The Metl bicycle tires currently find their patrons on Kickstarter, a renowned crowdfunding platform. This method of raising capital is not uncommon for startups with avant-garde, untested ideas, but it does carry potential risks for crowd funders considering the 'newness' of the product and the size of the start-up.

Here's the kicker: The pledge for a pair of these futuristic bicycle tires starts at a hefty $500 — a significant leap from the average cost of traditional tires, about 10 times the price. Those willing to front the extra cash can also get a pre-assembled bundle for as high as $1,300.

Despite the hefty price tag and being structured from an alloy, the Metl tires promise a gripping cycling experience due to integrated all-weather tread that delivers medium-low rolling resistance. This suggests that these tires could conquer all terrains and weather conditions, increasing the overall robustness of the product.

With delivery slated for June 2024, the Kickstarter campaign for these shape-shifting tires has already exceeded its goal threefold, with almost a month still to gather pledges. Notably, the success of this campaign doesn’t just spell victory for The Smart Tire Company but forecasts the consumer readiness to invest in the future of cycling technology.

Moreover, if the crowdfunding campaign continues at its current pace, the company has ambitious plans to diversify its product line. The intended expansions include wider Metl tires for eBikes and mountain bikes, and a variety of road/gravel sizes and tread patterns.

The Metl bicycle tires hence symbolize how science, combined with practical everyday needs, can create pioneering, useful tech. They stand as an embodiment of the potential that the future of cycling beholds. More than just a product, it's a showcase of humans' insatiable desire to innovate and a reassurance that the future, despite its uncertainties, will certainly be convenient.