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In an aviation first that offers a peek into the future of urban transportation, Joby Aviation and Volocopper have displayed their electric aircrafts in an unprecedented demonstration over the skies of New York City. As part of a major press conference, Mayor Eric Adams revealed plans to electrify two out of the three heliports in Manhattan. This exciting development marks a bold stride toward reducing the carbon footprint of the city's transportation system.

Beta Technologies, another stalwart of the electric aviation industry, also contributed to the event by flaunting its groundbreaking aircraft charging technology. This demonstration and ventures alike underscore the burgeoning industry of electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) developers. Moreover, it stands in perfect alignment with public investment channeling toward air taxi services to further advance green transportation initiatives.

Joby Aviation has already set a strong precedent in the eVTOL sphere with its sizable investment for a state-of-the-art aircraft factory in Ohio. Realizing a vision way beyond production, the company aspires to launch its service in densely populated urban locales such as New York City and Los Angeles.

The forward-thinking city of New York harbors high hopes in curbing its carbon emissions by a staggering 80% from 2005 levels by the year 2050. Given the carbon-intensive nature of conventional air transport, the move to electric heliports is an integral cog in the machinery to achieve this ambitious target.

The pilotless eVTOLs usher in not only an era of zero-emission aviation but also the promise of safe, noise-reduced and congestion-free commuting in densely packed megalopolises. This aligns with the larger global directive to transition from carbon-intensive processes to more sustainable operations.

These technological advances in electric aviation offer substantial hope for a brighter environmental future. By turning heliports electric, cities like New York are setting a precedent for other metropolises and countries to follow. The push for electrification of aviation could usher us into a cleaner, quieter, and less polluting era of urban travel.

Moreover, electrified aviation can catalyze job creation in various sectors such as battery manufacturers, charging system providers, and eVTOL maintenance firms, thereby contributing to the overall economy.

In conclusion, the successful demonstration flights by Joby Aviation and Volocopter, coupled with the city's resolve to implement electrified transportation, sketch a arresting vision of a future where urban mobility is not just sustainable but also efficient and innovative.